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    List of exhibitions curated or managed by Global Art Projects for Sofitel Melbourne On Collins


    Sadie Chandler, FRAMEWORK new installation and paintings, February - April 2020, Sofi's Lounge and Archways, Level 1

    Max Pollard, DREAMS WITH OPEN EYES (photographs), February - April 2020, Atrium Gallery, Level 35


    Shirley Keon (original couture gowns) and Heide Victoria (commissioned photographs of Keon's studio), THE ART OF COUTURE, an exhibition that pays homage to Melbourne fashion icon Shirley Keon, November 2019 - January 2020, Sofi's Lounge and Lobby Level 1, and Atrium Gallery Level 35.

    Sim Luttin, Linda Hughes, Katrina Tyler, FULL CIRCLE (part of Radiant Pavilion Festival of Jewellery), August - November, Sofi's Lounge, Lobby Level 1

    Various Artists, WAMA (Wildlife Art Museum Australia) (Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Installation) August - November 2019, Atrium Level 35

    Various Artists, CENTRE - Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art, (Painting, Prints, Sculpture) May - July 2019, All exhibition spaces Level 1 and Level 35

    Nigel Vogler, BOTH SIDES MIND, (Bespoke Mens Fashion), March - May 2019, Archways and public spaces, Level 1

    Chris de Rosa, She Collects the Beautiful Things - Turbulent Nature  (Prints and mixed media), February - May 2019, Sofi's Lounge and Lobby Gallery

    Arts Project Australia - Various Artists, PETITE POP! APA artists celebrate popular culture, (works on paper) February - May 2019, Atrium Gallery


    Julie Shiels, Empty, (Photographs) October 2018 - February 2019, Atrium Gallery

    Anna White, Neighbourhood, (Photographs) October 2018 - February 2019, Lobby

    Louise Forthun, AM/PM, (Paintings and works on paper), September 2018 - February 2019, Sofi's Lounge

    Damon Kowarsky, En France, (Etchings), July - October 2018, Atrium Gallery

    Jon Rendell, selected works from the Iconic Paris series of photographs, August - September 2018, Lobby

    Tait Sengstock, Paintings,  June - August 2018, Sofi's Lounge

    Cara Johnson, Swathe,  (Installation of hand made objects), May - July 2018, Lobby and Lobby Windows

    Margaret Manchee, No Place, Drawings 2017-2018  April - August 2018, Atrium Gallery

    Gosia Wlodarczak, California Tunics and Sofitel Aprons (Installation of photographs and hand drawn clothing) February - April 2018, Sofi's Lounge



    Shane Thoms, Haikyo: The Modern Ruins of Japan, (Photography), December 2016 - February 2017, Sofi's Lounge

    Craig Lidgerwood, Natural Obsession, (Botanical Watercolours), November 2016 - February 2017, Lobby Gallery

    Various Artists, Shot in the Heart of Melbourne, Works from the Australian Association of Street Photographers Inc., November 2016 - February 2017, Atrium

    Margaret Manchee, Too Empty, (Etchings). August - November 2016, Atrium

    Various Artists, Here and Now - works from Arts Project Australia Studio Artists, (Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawing) July - September 2016 (Part of FLAIR 2016).  Sofi's Lounge, Lobby Gallery, Lobby Windows, Atrium, Archways

    Robyn Stacey, Are You Experienced? Live Camera Obscura Project, 19-21 August 2016, upstairs hotel room (Part of FLAIR 2016)

    Emma Blackmore, Material Confusion (sculptural installation), March - May 2016, Lobby Gallery

    Carmel Wallace, Flânerie (Collaged Prints), March - June 2016, Sofi's Lounge


    Anna Fairbank, Mass and Matter.  (Photographs and small scale sculpture), December 2015 – February 2016.  Sofi's Lounge

    Mami Yamaka, Pimpisa Tinpalit & Natcha Sathientavorn, Connections Within, (Mami - Drawings, Pimpisa - Sculpture, Natcha - Paintings), curated by Multicultural Arts Victoria for Mapping Melbourne 2015, November 2015 - February 2016, Lobby Gallery and Atrium

    Troy Argyros, Fragments of Florence, (small scale paintings), October – November 2015.   Reception Archways Level 1

    Various Artists, The Art of Shakespeare, a collection of paintings celebrating 25 years of the Bell Shakespeare company.  (touring exhibition)

    September – October 2015.   Sofi's Lounge and Lobby Gallery

    Kitty Crowther, French children’s literature illustration, (in association with Melbourne Writers Festival). August 2015. Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists, It’s only a Game! Works from the Australian Cartoon Museum. August – November 2015.   Atrium

    Australian Tapestry Workshop, From the Loom (Tapestry), June - July 2015, Sofi's Lounge

    Michelle Hagger, Through the Window (Printmaking), June - August 2015, Atrium

    Matt Irwin, Melbourne Symphony On Tour (Photography) in association with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, March - April 2015, Sofi's Lounge and Atrium

    Kate Jones, Before After Before (Ceramics and Photography), March - May 2015, Lobby Gallery

    Jesse Deane, West Point (Hand Stitched Needlepoint), Jan - March 2015, Lobby Gallery


    Jon Rendell, Iconic Paris (photographs), December 2014 - January 2015, Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists (Milan Milosevic, David Frazer, Kate Goring-Smith, Alex Goad), Outside In (Guest Curator, Sophie Moshakis), October - December 2014, Sofi's Lounge, Lobby Gallery, Atrium

    Kyoko Imazu and Damon Kowarsky, Along the River (Printmaking), July - October 2014, Atrium

    Lindy McSwan, Five Horizons (Ceramics), April - June 2014, Lobby Gallery

    Anne Ferran, Box of Birds (large photographic installation), March - June 2014, Lobby Gallery Windows

    Adrienne Gaha, Vestiges (Paintings), February - May 2014, Sofi's Lounge

    Dianna Wells, Suburban Geometric, (Photographs) May - July 2014, Sofi's Lounge

    Christopher Langton and Andrew Browne, sculpture and painting in collaboration with Tolarno Gallery, August 2014, Lobby and Sofi's Lounge (during Art Fair Melbourne)


    Juan Davila, On Wagner (Paintings that explored the work of German Composer Wagner), November 2013 - February 2014, Sofi's Lounge

    Christopher Young, Five – Fremantle Prison and Six - Photographic Works,  (Photography) December 2013 - March 2014.  Atrium

    Elisa Markes-Young, The Original Place (textile based art works), December 2013 - March 2014.   Lobby Gallery

    Lyon, City of Fiction 2 (Installation of Architectural Illustrations), September - November 2013, Sofi's Lounge

    Ken Spence, Air and Flame (Photography), July - September 2013, Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists, A Candle in the Dark, Capturing Hope and Transformation in Remote Afghanistan. Photographs by Elissa Bogos Mirzeai, Mats Lignell and Christine – Felice Rohrs (Curated by Isabella Holding and presented in association with Save the Children), May - June 2015,  Sofi's Lounge

    Peter Atkins, Recent Paintings, April - July 2013, Lobby Gallery

    Meera Sethi, Foreign Returned (Paintings), February - April 2013, Sofi's Lounge

    Kyoko Imazu and Damon Kowarsky, Meet in the Middle (Printmaking), February - April 2013, Atrium

    Robyn Stacey, Guest Relations, (Photography), April - June 2013, Sofi's Lounge


    Trevor Mein, Cirrus (Photography), November 2012 - February 2013, Sofi's Lounge

    Hannah Chamley, What I wore in the Foyer (Installation/Sculpture), December 2012 - February 2013, Lobby Gallery

    John Holding, Suburban Botanicals (Photography), November 2012 - January 2013, Atrium

    Various Artists, 2012 Loupe Medium Format Photographic Award exhibition, October - November 2012, Sofi's Lounge, Lobby Gallery, Atrium

    Longin Sarnecki, Debris #2012 (Photography), July - September 2012, Atrium

    Gosia Wlodarczak, Dust Covers and Frost Drawings (Performances, Installation and Drawings), performances in Sofi's July, Window installation July, exhibition of drawings, July - October 2012, Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists, A Day is a Long Time in Australian Political Cartoons. Australian political cartoons from the Australian Cartoonists’ Association.

    August – October 2012,  Lobby Gallery

    Various Artists, 52 Weeks on. A Pilbara Project Exhibition. (Photography). Curated by FORM, Western Australia. May – July 2012, Sofi's Lounge and Lobby Gallery

    Craig Lidgerwood, An Inquisitive Eye - the botanical art of Craig Lidgerwood, (Drawings and Watercolour paintings), March - May 2012, Lobby Gallery

    Brian Duffy, Swinging: The Fashion Photography of Brian Duffy, (Photography from the MGA Collection), March - April 2012, Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists, Accessible Arctic - 80 years of photography from the Canadian Geographic magazine, February - April 2012, Atrium


    Bruce Reynolds, Floor to Ceiling, (mixed media), December 2011 - February 2012, Sofi's Lounge

    Robyn Hosking, Capital City Carnival, (Ceramics), November 2011 - March 2012, Lobby Gallery

    A. Kather, Inside Afghanistan's Beauty, (Photography), August - October 2011, Atrium

    Peter Garnick, Liquid Gold – The Art of Irrigation. (Photography). August - October 2011,  Sofi's Lounge

    Vincent Fantauzzo and Baz Luhrmann, The Creek, (Multimedia Installation - sound, lighting, painting), November 2011, Lobby Gallery

    Kent Wilson, Honeysucker_series, (Drawing), June - July 2011, Sofi's Lounge

    Lindi Huntsman, One Heart: photographs of Melbourne's Ethiopian community, April - July 2011, Lobby Gallery and Atrium


    Michaela Bruton, Oomph Trajectories, (Gold and Silversmithing / Drawing), December 2010 - March 2011, Lobby Gallery

    Emily Ferretti, New Works, (Painting)  Melbourne Art Fair Project Room, June - September 2010, Sofi's Lounge

    Moses Tan, Of A Time And A Place In Australia (Computer Drawing), December 2010 - February 2011, Atrium

    Various Artists, Insights - works from the travel photographers collective, November 2010 - Feb 2011, Atrium

    Jorge de Araujo, Creating Timor-Leste (Photography), August - November 2010, Atrium

    Kaori Kato, Attune to the Earth, (Large Folded Paper Sculpture Installation), August - October 2010, Lobby Gallery

    Various Artists, Strange Glamour: fashion photography from the Monash Gallery of Art Collection, March - June 2010, Lobby Gallery


    Various Artists, Gazing at the World: Japanese photography from the 1970s to the present, in association with the Japan Foundation. December 2009 – January 2010.    Sofi's Lounge and Atrium

    Tobi Clark.  :acute = 3rd iteration of grid-garment series (Fashion).  December 2009 - March 2010, Lobby Gallery

    Various Artists, Selected works from the George Papadimitriou Collection of Aboriginal Art, (Paintings and Watercolours) August - October 2009, Sofi's Lounge and Lobby Gallery

    Richard Dunn, The Fibonacci Trees, (Paintings) May - August 2009, Sofi's Lounge

    André Hemer, Leisure/Pleasure/Sex/Power/Beauty/Danger - Danger!, May - August 2009, Lobby and Lobby Windows

    Bruno Leti. Huangshan Poems - Majestic photographs and paintings from China, February - April 2009, Sofi's Lounge

    Peter Garnick, Constructive Ragpickings (Photography) in assoc. with OzLink and Blacksphere, February - May 2009


    William Yang, Portraits (Photography), September - October 2008, Sofi's Lounge and Lobby Gallery

    Elisabeth Bodey, Recent Paintings (Large scale watercolour paintings), November 2008 - January 2009

    Michael Kienhuis, Form of the Good, (Photography), November 2008 - February 2009, Atrium

    Ta Teut Amarasi, Awakening, Contemporary Textiles and Prints based on the Cultural Traditions of Amarasi, West Timor, (in association with Asialink), September - October 2009

    Kristian Laemmle-Ruff, Light Unseen (Photography), August - November 2008, Atrium

    Anne Zahalka, Hotel Suite (Photography), Melbourne Art Fair Project Room, July - September 2008, Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists, Baker Lake Printers Cooperative of Inuit artists, (Printmaking) Canada, May - June 2008, Sofi's Lounge

    Stratos Xynas, Up Close (Photography), May - August 2008, Atrium

    Melinda Harper, New Paintings and Glass Works, February - April 2008, Sofi's Lounge

    Dana Harris, Home (Textile Floorplans), February - April 2008, Lobby Gallery


    Ian Provest, Welcome – photographs from Timor-Leste (in support of Austcare), October 2007- January 2008.  Atrium

    Various Artists, People of the Cedar: First Nation Art from the North West Coast of Canada, (Painting/Sculpture/Carving) November 2007, Sofi's Lounge

    Matt Handby, New Horizons of Australia (photography), July - October 2007, Atrium 

    Donna Marcus, Parlour, (Wall Sculptures), May - July 2007, Sofi's Lounge

    Various Artists, Postcards from Melbourne. The city of Melbourne in photography and sketches through the eyes of university students. April – June 2007, Atrium

    Various Artists, Victorian Woodworking Association, (Furniture) April - May 2007, Lobby Gallery

    Yayoi Kusama, Avant-Garde Fashion (Photography) March - April 2007, Lobby Gallery

    Various Artists, Works from the Tiwi Islands (in association with Jilamara Arts) (Drawing/Painting/Works on Paper), February - April 2007, Sofi's


    Various Artists, Large Works from Papunya Tula Artists (in association with Palya Art), November 2006 - February 2007, Sofi's Lounge

    Jon Rendell, Recent Cloud Photographs, March - May 2006, Atrium

    Various Artists, Works from the Corbett and Yueji Lyons Collection, July - September 2006, Sofi's Lounge