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Claire Ropartz
Flânerie Parallèle

April 2022 - June 2022

Atrium Promenade, Level 35, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

Flânerie Parallèle is an exhibition of new work by Melbourne-based French photographer Claire Ropartz.

Claire grew up in Paris and moved to Melbourne in 2008. From a young age Claire developed a love and passion for photography through her travels and the inspiration provided by her own city of Paris.

The exhibition Flânerie Parallèle is an invitation to a voyage into the city of Melbourne – an artistic guided tour. The work has a photo-journalistic style and draws on local businesses in and around Collins Place and Flinders Lane (often referred to as the ‘Paris end’ of Melbourne) capturing the artisans, the arts, architecture and that unique feel of 'flânerie' (the 'flâneur'). The artist features the beauty of this end of the city through her lens. She is raising awareness by representing the connectedness with France through her artwork. In the late 1970s Collins Place was built by I.M Pei who also constructed the Pyramid of the Louvre in Paris.

The concept for Flânerie Parallèle originated from the poem Invitation au Voyage by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) published in 1857. 

The artist's role is to beautify the subject of each piece, by showcasing the arts and all it encaptures, The artisans with their specialised skills and the architecture are present in this micro part of the city within its natural form.

On the street, in the shops, through a window on one of Flinders Lane’s buildings etc is how the artist creates this unique atmosphere and sense of ‘flânerie’ that defines a city. Examples of landmarks, shops and art galleries represented in this exhibition: Alpha60 boutique, Keon Couture, Craft Victoria, Tessuti fabrics, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Chanel, fortyfivedownstairs alongside architectural images of Collins Place. 

The artist industry knowledge with her Parisian roots, her insights in how she sees the world and eye for detail is reflected in all her artwork. Being worldly and always on an adventure gives Claire the ability to bring the worlds of her hometown cities together. Claire’s work has been exhibited in London, Paris and Melbourne and can also be found in the hotel’s refurbished rooms and suites.


Instagram: @claireropartz

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