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Gosia Wlodarczak
Situations Sofitel

1 August - 1 December 2022

Atrium Promenade, Level 35, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

Melbourne based Gosia Wlodarczak is a Polish-born artist whose work attempts to document and archive our existence through the process of drawing. Actual experiences, perceptions and actions are brought together in her work which she describes as cross-disciplinary drawing. In Wlodarczak’s hands drawing is used as the basis for an exploration into

performance, installation, sound, photography and moving collage.

This exhibition by Melbourne artist Gosia Wlodarczak is a series of intimate drawings – 30 minute each – on paper.

Situations Sofitel is a two-part art project that grew out of two residencies the artist undertook at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins in 2012 and Sofitel Sydney Wentworth in 2013. The drawings document the back of house, the reality of life which guests do not see in an international five-star hotel. The artist explained;

The project explores the idea of the hotel environment as the temporal personal space and individual actions and sensations deriving from inhabiting this place of anonymity…. Various projects that I stage and create in public or private environments research the idea of personal space versus shared space. The hotel environment is a perfect context to experience and investigate these issues. The residency projects I held at the Sofitels explored the process of self-construction and self-presentation instigated by experiencing life in a hotel.

For both hotels it was a unique experience to have an artist look at their world and show them things they had never seen before as Clive Scott, General Manager, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins explains;

A luxury hotel is a big, vibrant place made up of many tiny things happening, which contribute to its magic. Gosia creates big, complex, detailed drawings, which when examined closely are many tiny points in time, created as the world moves by – beautiful moments to be examined, discussed, appreciated. For Gosia, her time spent with the hotel has been recorded in her drawings and is now past. But it isn’t really past - its legacy will always be with us. Gosia’s residency gave us a new perspective on our daily lives in the hotel which we won’t easily forget.


Instagram: @gosiawlodarczak

Click here for a copy of the Exhibition Room Brochure
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