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Lindy McSwan
Five Horizons, 2014

Lindy McSwan was the recipient of the Sofitel / Craft FRESH! Emerging Craft Practitioners Award in 2013.  The award includes the opportunity for the winning artist to exhibit new work at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins in the following year.


Five Horizons presented a new body of work by Lindy McSwan created as an expression of her experience and memory of travel to remote desert landscapes in Central Australia. The underlying notion contemplates the enormity of the horizon.  In particular the rare phenomenon of a 360 degree horizon where one’s sense of self is heightened and the scale of the earth becomes evident. In these rare experiences the red horizon is an undulating, continual line subtly describing the curvature of the earth’s surface framing distance and time.


In 1969 Robert Smithson fluently described an experience of the horizon;

 “How could one advance on the horizon.  … A horizon is something else other than a horizon; it is closedness in openness, it is an enchanted region where down is up. Space can be approached but time is far away.”

( Flam, J (ed) 1996, Robert Smithson, The Collected Writings, University of California Press, Berkley, USA p119)


As an art object, the vessel allows Lindy to create understated forms where contrast and delineation between the interior and exterior are distinct yet balanced. Working in multiples and varying scale further enable this. In small groupings, her vessels become the canvas for surface investigation usually through enamelling, where enduring memories of quiet and minimalist landscapes are articulated.


In 2012 Lindy completed a BA in Fine Art at RMIT University. Her graduate work focused on research into metal forming techniques outside the traditional Silversmithing studio and experimentation with equipment traditionally used in panel beating.   While currently focusing on vessels, her practice includes jewellery, small objects, two and three dimensional works on paper. In 2014 Lindy will complete Honours in Fine Art at RMIT.

Lindy McSwan

Five Horizons

The Lobby

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

April - June 2014

Lindy McSwan

Lindy McSwan

Work from the exhibition Five Horizons, 2014

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