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Various Artists

Curated by Kade McDonald, Hanging Valley

Presented in all exhibition spaces, Sofi's Lounge, Lobby, Foyer (Level 1) and Atrium (level 35) Sofitel Melbourne On Collins


CENTRE celebrates the dialogue of continuum that is equally expressed in song, dance and art by showcasing extraordinary works from remote Indigenous Art Centres around Australia.

The often overlooked role of the art centre in a community always extends beyond the production of artwork, just as the artwork always extends deeper than the art. As artists strive to create direct and connected representations of country and culture drawn from the vast lands of this nation, the art centre strives to acts as a neutral conduit and a keeping place for cultural engagement and conservation.

These Indigenous enterprises provide a foundation for cultural transmission and celebration. Contemporary expressions and abstraction are explored to the acclaim of the western art critics yet a sacred voice remains in the provenance and narrative of these painterly forms of literature and poetry.

CENTRE explores the role of an art centre through a visual celebration of diversity in artists, yet at the same time acknowledges the strong similar vision of community enterprise and governance. A selfless collective legacy for an unborn generation as gifted to them by ancestors before. Art centres have existed for centuries in the eyes of our Nations First people's and that purpose continues through language conservation and cultural maintenance to this day.

CENTRE is a select curation of some of our nations most respected knowledge holders and celebrated artists. A showcase of this collective movement to empower Indigenous people through the generosity of awareness and expression. CENTRE speaks to the individuality of a master’s brush but projects a voice of a story told by many before them. Visually they may divert to the artists’ own expression but at the core they retain a continuum of knowledge unchanged.

Artworks have been sourced from a number of different art centres: Durrmu Art Centre, Jilaara Arts and Culture, Baku-Larrngay Mulka Centre, Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency, Martumili Artists and Warakurna Artists.

Artists: Regina Pilawuk Wilson, Dino Wilson, Martumili Collaborative, Geord Ward Tjungurrayi, Grace Dodson, Annunciata Nunuk Wilson, Naiya Wilson, Dakota Wilson, Annunciata Dartinga, Kathleen Korda, John (Prince) Siddon, Cynthia Burke, Nora Wompi, George Ward Tiungurrayi Tingarri, Mabel Mitutu Wakarta, Bugai Whyoulter, Eunice Port Yunurupa

Various Artists

CENTRE - Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art

All exhibition spaces

Level 1 and Level 35

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

May 2019 - July 2019

Marie Jabinee

Marie Jabinee

Durrmu, Body markings 2018 50 x 80cm Acrylic on canvas from the Exhibition Centre - Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art, 2019

Annunciata Dartinga

Annunciata Dartinga

Cat 41-19 Acrylic on Paper 38 x 28 cm from the Exhibition Centre - Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art, 2019

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