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The Torch - Robby Wirramanda
Walpa, 2023

Oct 2023 - Feb 2024

Sofi's Lounge, Level 1, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins



Walpa is Robby Wirramanda’s first solo exhibition.

I am Robby Wirramanda, a proud Wergaia descendant, on a journey through my art series titled Walpa, meaning ‘to burn’ in the language of my ancestors. This collection explores the profound relationship between fire, wind, and the ever-changing landscapes they shape.

With each stroke of my brush, I attempt to capture the mesmerising dance between fire and wind. My art tells a tale of destruction and rejuvenation as these elemental forces mould the land, making way for new growth to bloom. Deeply rooted in the spiritual fabric of the Wergaia people, I explore the colours that roll out across my Country with seasonal change to portray the harmony and cycles of nature that are integral to our culture.

Embedded within every brushstroke is the reverence for my ancestral connection to my grandmother's Country. The Wergaia people's stories, traditions, and deep sense of belonging echo through my artwork. Through Walpa, I share a glimpse of the heritage that has been passed down through generations, allowing you to witness the profound bond I share with my land.

— Robby Wirramanda (Wergaia people)

Click here for a copy of the Exhibition Room Brochure
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