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Robyn Hosking
Capital City Carnival, 2011/12

Robyn Hosking was the recipient of the Sofitel / Craft FRESH! Emerging Craft Practitioners Award in 2010.  The award includes the opportunity for the winning artist to exhibit new work at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins in the following year.


Robyn Hosking's ceramic figures are slip cast from seemingly innocuous children’s toys, yet have a hefty political agenda. They find themselves sending up our neurotic existence – the upheavals of modern life – in a Looney Tunes, riotous fashion.


Looking like a hybrid between art, machine and toy they maintain a circus like sense of amusement and curiosity for the viewer, all the while sending up societal norms and politics.


While Hosking casts a disparaging eye, her work retains a playful, humorous edge. She is not interested in producing depressingly macabre images. Every work becomes a caricature or parody, as though the world is being viewed in a funfair’s distorted mirror.


Having run and owned a successful cake decorating business in Hong Kong in the ‘90s, and coming from a strong craft background in textiles, metal, glass and mould making, Hosking has the technical knowledge to add an extra dimension to her ceramics by thinking outside the traditional. She is currently completing a Master of Arts by Research at RMIT University.

Robyn Hosking

Capital City Carnival

The Lobby

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

November 2011

- March 2012

Robyn Hosking

Robyn Hosking

from the exhibition Capital City Carnival, 2011/12

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