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Sofitel / CRAFT Fresh! Award Winners

Fresh! is an annual exhibition of the freshest contemporary craft and design from Victorian graduates held at Craft Victoria (CRAFT). Each year Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and Global Art Projects selects a finalist from these emerging practitioners to present new work the following year at Sofitel and GAP provides mentoring and exhibition support to the artist if required.  A variety of work has been exhibited ranging from ceramics, silversmithing, sculpture, and installation.  

Winning artists: Duncan Young 2020, Belinda Reid 2019 (joint winner), Mali Taylor 2019 (joint winner), Nigel Vogler 2018, Cara Johnson 2017, Alison Frith 2016, Emma Blackmore 2015, Kate Jones 2014, Lindy McSwan 2013, Hannah Chamley 2011, Robyn Hosking 2010, Michaela Bruton 2009, Tobi Clark 2008.

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