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Our Services

The GAP Team

Exhibitions and Art Projects
Arts Management

GAP can curate, plan, develop, deliver, tour, or promote your exhibition or arts project.

We can work on all aspects of projects and from conception to completion or we can assist you in specific areas as needed. 

We undetake all types of exhibitions and arts projects from planning exhibition programmes or festivals, developing large-scale touring exhibitions to delivering solo artist, single-venue exhibitions, selecting artists for residencies or commissioning public artworks. 

We have an extensive network of contacts that includes artists, curators, art dealers, gallery managers, collectors, sponsors, freight agents, designers and printers. We also have strong relationships with numerous arts organisations in Australia and overseas. 

We can:

  • research and develop curatorial concepts

  • select artists, artworks or commission new work

  • undertake exhibition or project planning, preparation and delivery 

  • prepare artwork briefs, budgets and contracts

  • develop sponsorship strategies and fundraise 

  • liaise with artists, curators, writers and funding bodies 

  • negotiate artwork loans and prepare loan agreements 

  • produce and manage condition reporting systems and conservation 

  • produce exhibition support materials including catalogues, brochures, invitations 

  • prepare education kits and media materials 

  • develop and manage exhibition marketing and promotion 

  • coordinate design and installation of exhibitions 

  • develop education services and public programs 

  • administer sales of work 

  • produce exhibition associated events

We've developed art and cultural strategies, created arts and cultural policy and guidelines, and undertaken art audits.  


We've administered various arts programs, provided strategic and practical advice on integrating art programs within a wider organisational philosophy, conducted research and study into exhibition attendance, produced audience development strategies and organised conferences and other events.  We can do pretty much anything you need.

We can also take on total or partial administration and management for cultural bodies, projects, and programs of various scales. We can assist in streamlining, simplifying and centralising your activities through adopting the administrative component to your project or organisation and providing specialist services tailored to your requirements.

We can: 

  • provide total or partial administration of cultural projects

  • prepare budgets and manage project finances

  • provide membership and audience administration

  • coordinate meetings

  • produce newsletters, brochures and information

  • provide financial management

  • be a point of contact for inquiries, registrations or applications

  • coordinate marketing, promotion and design

  • coordinate and/or project manage public art programs and strategies

  • organise visitor and delegate travel itineraries

  • research, review and report on arts-related activities

Art Collections

We've worked with individuals, groups, government bodies and companies to advise on all areas related to art collections.


Whether indigenous art, works on paper (limited edition prints or photographs), paintings, craft and design objects, sculpture or public art, the purchase of art indicates a great deal about who you are and how you present yourself - particularly in business, where a collection can reflect the ethos and character of your business practice. The display of art enhances the work environment for you, your staff, visitors and your clients.


We can assess your collection and advise on consolidation through the acquisition of new works or de-accessioning of existing works. We can develop strategies to enhance the way art is used in your work environment by making it more accessible through the production of information booklets, such as brochures or catalogues or through interpretative wall labels or content for apps.

We help you to work in partnership with artists to produce site-specific installations or even to work directly in the business environment amongst your clients and staff.  We can help find the right artist for your needs.


We also work with local government, private clients and corporations to commission artists to produce public art for indoor and outdoor spaces.

An Acquisitions Policy can be an extremely useful document, clarifying the reasons you wish to collect and your long-term goals and can help to articulate the kind of art you wish to purchase. We can develop this with you and help to implement it.

We love to work with architects and interior designers to assist in the purchase of works for their clients or to commission specific works for particular spaces.

We can:

  • develop acquisition policy documents 

  • assess art collections 

  • advise on purchase of new work 

  • advise on de-accessioning collections 

  • purchase work on behalf of clients 

  • develop artist-in-residence programs 

  • project manage commissions 

  • project manage public art projects 

  • produce various materials for information and educational purposes

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