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Tai Snaith (GVRT)
Tai Snaith
Memory Palace 1 & 2, 2023

Permanent Artwork, Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

This artwork is located on Taungurung Country, on the Great Victorian Rail Trail, near Merton Gap, Murrindindi Shire

Project Manager and curatorial advisor: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils for Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

These two works are inspired by the psychological process of Memory Palaces or Method of Loci, a method of recalling physical markers in a space to remember information and create meaning, not dissimilar to the indigenous practice of creating songlines to remember or tell the story of a journey.

As a child, Tai rode many trails on her horse and often created rituals around different markers in the landscape. She also saw faces in the trees, stones, hills and clouds, which she believes is a form of understanding or having empathy for the land or country.

These two works are designed to be interacted with. Rub the nose for good luck, place a gumnut offering on the tongue and make a wish, or toss a stone into the hat if you are on horseback. The hat/bowl is also designed to hold water for local birds, bees and sugar gliders.

The small bronze frog on the large boulder (Memory Palace 1) represents the Plains Brown Tree Frog (litoria paraewingi) found in this area and a reminder to all who visit of the importance of maintaining animal habitat and caring for Country.

For further information about this artwork and the artist, including videos and a location map, please see the Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail website


Instagram: @taisnaith

The Great Victorian Rail Trail Art Installations Project was delivered by Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils, with the support of Global Art Projects. The project was funded by the Victorian Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund.

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