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Stephen Banham, Letterbox
Stephen Banham, Letterbox
One Day In Our Park, 2022

360m Tiled Artwork

Kensington Train Station, Melbourne, Australia

Artist/Designer: Stephen Banham, Letterbox

Consultant Curator: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Rail Infrastructure Alliance for Rail Projects Victoria

As the title of this monumental typographic installation suggests, One Day in Our Park focusses on the life of a very specific park – JJ Holland Park in Kensington, Melbourne – within one 24 hour period. Through intense observation over many months, a series of 45 stories or ‘vignettes’ were written, meticulously designed and mapped across 360 metres, involving over 1.3 million tiles. The project led to the development of four specifically designed typefaces.

The artwork, located directly opposite the park, has an estimated lifespan of at least 40 years.


Stephen Banham is the director of Letterbox, a typographic design studio based in Melbourne. Recognised internationally, the studio’s work is informed by research and engagement – using the voice of typography to tell stories through an array of materials & processes. The studio has written and produced more than 18 books on typography, held many type exhibitions, typographic film festivals, public forums and talks all around the world. Our typographic projects encompass a range of mediums – from ink on paper, flickering pixels, through to type built in concrete, wood, glass or tiling.


Instagram: @letterboxtype

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