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Robbie Rowlands
Robbie Rowlands
Responding, 2023, Galvanised Steel and cables, H 950 x L 2000 x D 400 cm

Permanent Artwork, Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

This artwork is located on Taungurung Country, on the Great Victorian Rail Trail, between Olivers Rd and Pikes Rd, Mansfield Shire

Project Manager and curatorial advisor: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils for Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

Responding consists of a 39m mobile phone tower that gracefully arches over the rail trail. In their usual display, phone towers sit at heights well above the landscape or our built environments.

Here, the tower appears animated, falling close to the ground as if bowing to meet us. In this way, the technological function of transmission – of receiving and responding to signals – becomes a personal interaction between the viewer, the artwork and the landscape.

With its slender taper and gentle curve, the tower appears more organic than industrial, like a stalk of field grass with its long, thin signal panels mimicking seed pods fraying at their tips.

For further information about this artwork and the artist, including videos and a location map, please see the Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail website


Instagram: @robbie_rowlands

The Great Victorian Rail Trail Art Installations Project was delivered by Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils, with the support of Global Art Projects. The project was funded by the Victorian Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund.

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