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Louise Paramor
Louise Paramor
Soul Trail, 2023, Painted Steel, H 500 x L 320 x D 140cm

Permanent Artwork, Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

This artwork is located on Taungurung Country, on the Great Victorian Rail Trail, between Cathkin and Yarck, Murrindindi Shire.

Project Manager and curatorial advisor: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils for Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail


Soul Train is suggestive of the engine car of a steam train and hints at the growth of industry and agriculture.


The original model for the sculpture is a playful combination of colour and form. It was made up of everyday objects such as wooden building blocks, parts from children’s games, a toothbrush holder and a sauce bottle lid.


Soul Train is designed to celebrate the rail history of the area in the form of a surprising and colourful ‘folly’.


For further information about this artwork and the artist, including videos and a location map, please see the Art on the Rail Trail website


Instagram: @louise_paramor

The Great Victorian Rail Trail Art Installations Project was delivered by Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils, with the support of Global Art Projects. The project was funded by the Victorian Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund.

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