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Esther Stewart
Esther Stewart
Untitled Window Works, 2022 and Untitled Wall Work 2022

Window Works: Digiglass
Wall Work: Stretched Vinyl

Narrandjeri Stadium, City of Darebin

Artist: Esther Stewart

Curator: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Commissioner: City of Darebin

Architects: Brand Architects

Melbourne artist Esther Stewart was commissioned to create two permanent artworks for the new Narrandjeri Stadium, City of Darebin. These new pieces comprise coloured window works in the cafe and entrance area of the Stadium, and a related internal artwork for the foyer area.

Narrandjeri Stadium – Window works (cafe and entry areas)

2021, DigiGlass

This work is Melbourne-based artist Esther Stewart’s site-specific response to the unique light, space and architecture of Narrandjeri Stadium.

A play on light, shadow and movement, Stewart has incorporated vivid colour into the glass structures of the café and entrance areas to create a sense of vibrancy and celebration. The result is a spectacular immersion through colour and light that responds continuously to the environmental conditions of the building.

Narrandjeri Stadium – Wall work 2021, Stretched Vinyl

Esther Stewart’s work explores architecture, civic and domestic spaces. Using painting, installation and sculpture, Stewart explores the boundaries between representation and abstraction, replicating lines found in build environments and echoing the visual language of plans, maps and interior spaces.

Exploring the interplay between functionality and ornamentation, craftspersonship and mass production, these works use the familiar material of gymnasium matting, drawing attention towards an often-overlooked material ubiquitous within a sporting context.

Esther Stewart

Esther Stewart (b.1988 Katherine, Australia) lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Stewart creates paintings and installations that examine the endless possibilities offered by the visual language of architecture, design and geometry. Working at the nexus of art and design, Stewart explores ways to reimagine, collapse and expand spaces through painting and architecture, while examining historical influences and their respective social and political implications. Recently, Stewart has collaborated with architects and craftspeople to extend the spatial and material possibilities within her practice.

In recent years, Stewart has undertaken significant exhibitions and commissions both nationally and internationally, including with Valentino fashion house, Bendigo Hospital, Victoria, the Galleria dell’ Accademia in Florence, Italy, and Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne.


Instagram: @esther_stewart

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