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Elizabeth Gower
Elizabeth Gower
Urban Compilation, 2022

Hoarding Artwork

City Square, Swanston St, Melbourne (construction site Town Hall Station)

Artist: Elizabeth Gower

Curator: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Commissioned by Metro Tunnel Creative Program for International Women's Day, 2022

'My works are made entirely from discarded papers (product packaging, advertising brochures, posters and billboards) salvaged from the urban environment. The retrieved papers are precisely cut into ‘tiles’, collated, and re-assembled into complex geometric designs, which transforms the visual ‘noise’ of merchandising into the contemplative order and logic of geometry.

The work, with its focus on environmental sustainability, also functions as a social history of the present day, recording evidence of contemporary consumption, waste and the urban environment of Melbourne in the 21st century.


Elizabeth Gower is a highly acclaimed Australian artist who lives and works in Melbourne.

Since her inspiring feminist works of the late 1970s, she has held over 50 one-person exhibitions in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Europe, United Arab Emirates, and been the recipient of numerous Grants, Awards and Commissions.


Instagram: @elizgower

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