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Donna Marcus
Donna Marcus
Nook, 2023
Steel, Vitreous Enamel
Dimensions Variable

Permanent Artwork, Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

This artwork is located on the Great Victorian Rail Trail in Mitchell Shire, 1.4km east of Tallarook on the Upper Goulburn Road - 350m west from Schoolhouse Lane car park.

Project Manager and curatorial advisor: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils for Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

'Things is crook in Tallarook', an Australian colloquilism, speaks to a time when ‘making-do’ with great ingenuity and resourcefulness was a necessity.  


Nook takes as its starting point the ubiquitous blue and white bowls and mugs, used by itinerant workers and swaggies who built the railway, or wandered along its thoroughfare. 


Inspired by the making of cotton-reel bush furniture, fabricated ‘bowls’ are joined to shape the sentinel forms.  


In material, form and pattern, Nook recalls the domestic and the industrial, the railway signage and the metal kitchenware both finished in vitreous enamel by the same Victorian company that has operated continuously since the 1890s.


Nook marks a new beginning, the start of the trail and a restful corner to contemplate earlier paths.

For further information about this artwork and the artist, including videos and a location map, please see the Art on the Rail Trail website


Instagram: @donnamarcus_

The Great Victorian Rail Trail Art Installations Project was delivered by Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils, with the support of Global Art Projects. The project was funded by the Victorian Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund.

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