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Christabel Wigley
Christabel Wigley
Mirnong (Yam Daisy), 2022, Cypress, steel and pigment,
2 works L 260 x 300cm diameter and 1 work L 204 x 240cm diameter

Permanent Artwork, Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

This artwork is located on Taungurung Country, on the Great Victorian Rail Trail, near Homewood, Murrindindi Shire

Project Manager and curatorial advisor: Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Client: Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils for Art on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

For thousands of years the Taungurung women used cool fire and aeration of the soil to grow mirnong (Yam Daisy - Microseris Lanceolata). The yam fields were created in the surrounding landscape, the appearance of bright yellow flowers in the spring was a sign that the tubers were ready to harvest.

Each plant had three tubers, the grandmother, the daughter and the granddaughter. The mother was taken to eat while the grandmother was left to nourish the growth of the granddaughter for the following harvest.

The artist imagined the trio of structures acting as carriers for lost stories, knowledge and shared languages. While inhabiting the rich bodily experience the viewer is guided through a telescopic gaze to focus on the hill-slopes, grasslands and cloud movements.

For further information about this artwork and the artist, including videos and a location map, please see the Art on the Rail Trail website


Instagram: @christabelwigley

The Great Victorian Rail Trail Art Installations Project was delivered by Mitchell, Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils, with the support of Global Art Projects. The project was funded by the Victorian Government’s Regional Tourism Investment Fund.

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