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Kent Wilson
Seasonally Adjusted, 2013

Commissioned by AMP, Collins St., Melbourne.

Art Consultant and Project Manager - Global Art Projects.

This site-specific sculptural work was commissioned for the refurbished AMP Lobby in Collins Street, Melbourne.  


Seasonally Adjusted is inspired by the accumulative impact of man’s consumption of the natural world. Timbers from discarded and unwanted furniture, floorboards, fencing and plywoods have been used together with plantation pine and Tasmanian oak in its construction to reinforce this notion. The conical forms of the work, with subtle variations due to the nature of the timbers, echo the gradual organic build up of stalagmites over time. The title itself hints at economic considerations in this process and the residual influence of historical comparative data.

Kent Wilson

Kent Wilson

Seasonally Adjusted

AMP Lobby,

25 Collins St.,



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