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Exhibiting at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

Global Art Projects curates the majority of exhibitions at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and is responsible for programming a varied and interesting selection of high quality contemporary art exhibitions by professional artists and craftspeople.  The hotel also displays a limited number of exhibitions each year related to its own sponsorship or marketing initiatives and in association with iconic events such as the Spring Racing Carnival.

Whilst GAP makes recommendations about the artists and content of exhibitions, Sofitel/Accor is the final arbiter and reserve the right not to exhibit works for a variety of reasons.  These might relate to programming issues of the hotel, relevance to the hotel and whether some artwork could be deemed unsuitable for visitors and guests due to political or religious content or nudity.

If you are an artist or organisation interested to exhibit at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins you should send GAP a brief outline of your proposal, a selection of images of the works to be exhibited, an indication of which space in the hotel you would like to use and the dates you wish to exhibit.  Please note that the exhibitions are booked up to a year in advance.  Proposals should be emailed to Global Art Projects

Once you've been invited to exhibit at Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

If you are invited to exhibit you will be asked to sign an Agreement with GAP (on behalf of Sofitel Melbourne) outlining roles and responsibilities.

In general:

All costs and charges related to the packing, delivery and collection of the artists work to/from Sofitel Melbourne will be the cost of the artist. This includes wrapping of unsold artwork when the exhibition concludes and delivery of sold works to purchasers.

Exhibitions are installed by Sofitel staff and overseen by the artist and GAP. 

Artworks must be able to be displayed on the Sofitel's existing hanging system which requires 'D' hooks to be fixed to the rear frame or stretcher of all 2D artworks. 

Condition reports on each of the art works are to be produced by the artist and signed during the unpacking at the hotel to ensure the works are in good condition upon delivery.

Artists are responsible for the cost of design of their invitations to the exhibition launch. GAP uses the services of a graphic designer whose work and style has been approved by Accor Hotels, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and their marketing departments. 

Information for the invitation will need to be provided by the artist to GAP no less than 4 weeks prior to the agreed opening date. We also require a high-resolution digital image no less than 1 MB and full caption which can be used by the Hotel for promotion and publicity.

Artists are asked to provide their own e-mailing list at least one month before the exhibition in Excel format. 

The artist will need to provide GAP with approximately 200 words of text relating to themselves and their exhibition which will be used by Sofitel Melbourne to produce a room brochure and up loaded on to the hotel’s website. 

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins is responsible for:

• installation of the Works;
• publicity and promotion of the Exhibition in consultation with the Artist;
• insurance cover for the works for loss and damage while on hotel premises;
• costs of wall text and B&W room brochure;
• cost and organisation of opening function. (Additional functions or requirements above standard opening to be agreed and paid by Artist)  
• acceptance of any monies for purchased works and liaison with purchasers regarding collection and freight of the works.

Important note: Sofitel Melbourne On Collins is a working hotel, and each of the exhibition spaces are located in public areas within the hotel. By signing the Agreement, the Artist accepts that the exhibition may be affected by other events within the hotel. In some cases, the exhibition may need to be temporarily de-installed, or may not be accessible, while other events in the hotel take place. Sofitel Melbourne On Collins and GAP will endeavour to advise the Artist of such instances, however this may not be possible at all times.

For all enquiries regarding exhibitions, please contact Global Art Projects:

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